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Fun Ice SRL company was established in 1996, in Bucharest, having subsidiary in Oradea, where since 1998 become the headquarters of the company. The company was founded by the Austrian company Ice Com HgmbH, which has a long-term partnership with the manufacturer of freezers for supermarkets AHT Cooling Systems GmbH. Initially, the main Fun Ice SRL company’s objective was the exclusive right to servicing of AHT Cooling Systems GmbH freezers in Romania. The company's customers throughout Romania are currently such international retail chains as Lidl, Penny, Aldi, Kaufland, Carrefour and other local retail chains.
In 2017 year was launched a joint project with participation of AHT Cooling Systems GmbH, Ice Com HgmbH and Fun Ice SRL for refurbishment of released from supermarket used freezers and their subsequent sale under the AHT EQ (Extended Quality) product series.

During refurbishment, all the proposed used freezers undergo a full factory restoration, namely:

(At the request of the customer, the protective film can be made in any color or color print (customized sticker))

(According to the company's policy, donor parts from other freezers are never used for reconditioning)

(At the request of the customer, it is possible to use reinforced packaging for deliveries over long distances and on bad roads)

All reconditioned AHT EQ series freezers are warranted for 6 (six) months for parts, with the exception of consumable and wear materials (refrigerant, gaskets, neon lamps, etc.)

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