Fun Ice SRL 

AHT EQ (Extended Quality) series products available for order


The PARIS model has been designed with shaped lids and its front edge has been lowered to enable customers to look directly into the cabinet. This means that you can provide maximum product visibility and experience increased sales opportunities. The PARIS model comes with an internal light that will attract customers who will be able to see the products clearly displayed within the cabinet – something that should result in an increase in impulse purchases. This exceptional innovation can be either used as a stand-alone cabinet or banked together into an aisle. When used within an aisle, the PARIS model includes an optional end cabinet that will not only successfully optimize space but also create an aesthetically pleasing end to the isle itself. The PARIS range can also be installed below shelving.

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The model ATHEN XL is a modern, promotion orientated cabinet that will also provide you with increased volume. And the improved net volume for a broader product range should result in significantly higher sales. At the POS, the broad product presentation will prove highly effective. As additional supplemented by the attractive end cabinet the ATHEN XL looks set to become one of the leading freezers available on the market. Generous capacity meets modern, sales-stimulating design. Greater net capacity allows a broader range of goods, thereby increasing sales potential, while brilliant LED interior lighting means attractive presentation of your merchandise. Technical optimization makes the ATHEN XL ECO a true energy-saving marvel.

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Model MIAMI is the innovative cooling and freezing device stands for maximum energy efficiency and is a member of our new generation of low- energy marvels. Brilliant LED interior lighting assures an attractive presentation of your goods while the large, curving panoramic glass sliders optimize presentation area and make for perfect viewing. The unit's low height allows convenient placement and withdrawal of merchandise. Progressive design with no corners or sharp edges, but handy feature details that make all the difference. The MIAMI has nothing to hide – especially not its full product variety! The state-of-the-art technology and plug-in installation complete this well-thought-out concept, because it is a well-known fact that visual impressions count as well.

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