AHT EQ PARIS 250 freezer cabinet – refurbished


The plug–in freezer / refrigerator that redefines economy and lifts product presentation to an innovative level. PARIS also maximizes your sales space by means of shelf inserts, which will further increase your revenues. PARIS – an extremely efficient all–rounder that can lay claim to prestigious excellence.

AHT EQ – used freezers that maximizes your product display

  • Large stock up to 1000 pcs available for ordering
  • Six months warranty on freezer parts
  • Prompt delivery
  • Export documents can be arranged on request
  • Possibility to load full trucks or containers
  • All second hand AHT EQ freezers are thoroughly tested and refurbished in our workshop before shipmen
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Standard AHT Cooling Systems GmbH original carton packaging as default included
  • Reinforced AHT Cooling Systems GmbH original packaging for long distance shipments against heavy roads

Key benefits

  • High energy–saving can be achieved in comparison to conventional open units
  • Environmentally friendly with natural refrigerant propane
  • 100 % CFC– and PFC–free
  • Plug in model requiring no extra installation
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Maintenance–free refrigeration system
  • Electronic speed–controlled compressor (VS) – only with R290 refrigerant
  • The perfect solution – built in semi–automatic defrost (AD) – only with R290 refrigerant


  • Dividers and grid set – as default included
  • Lighting unit that is available in different versions – available on request
  • Impact protection bumpers available in different colors – available on request
  • Covers for setting in a row – available on request
  • Kick plates prevent water and dust from falling below the cabinets – available on request
  • Trolley guards against physical impact – available on request
  • Other additional accessories – available on request

Temperature ranges

  • Freezing: –18°C до –23°C
  • Meat and minced meat refrigeration: 0°C to +2°C (universal (U) model only)
  • Ambient temperature range: +16°C / +25°C

Available models of AHT EQ PARIS freezer

  • AHT EQ PARIS xxx (–) / (U) / VS / AD / L

Useful information

  • AD – auto defrost (twice per week – standard)
  • VS – electronic speed–controlled compressor
  • (–) – standard model of freezer
  • (U) – universal model of freezing / cooling cabinet
  • L – neon internal light
  • R290 – ECO refrigerant R290
  • R404a – refrigerant R404a

Dimensions of AHT EQ PARIS 250 Freezer

  • Length outside / inside: 2502 / 2373 mm
  • Depth outside / inside: 853 / 723 mm
  • Front access height / height outside: 770 / 833 mm
  • Stacking height: 550 mm
  • Net weight: 155 kg
  • Gross content: 1131 liters
  • Total Display Area (TDA): 1,51 m²

Technical data of AHT EQ ATHEN Freezer

  • Plug-in 230V / 50HZ
  • Length of power supply cord: 2500-3500 mm

Flexible location options

  • Can be used as a stand–alone unit
  • Can be used in a line up
  • Maximizes the use of floor space with an end cabinet
  • Can be either installed bellow shelving or integrated into existing shelving systems